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Bonding Pastes are specifically formulated for bonding GRP/ Fibreglass components, imbedding of inserts into laminates and bonding wood to Fibreglass structures.

They are designed for assembly and bonding of two composite components, inserting panels, core materials, cavity filling as an aid to lamination, and they are available with a range of properties to suit various applications.

A good bond is characterised by adequate adhesion and physical properties to accept stresses placed upon the final composite component.

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Epoxy – the smart choice for bonding

In the 1960s, the Gougeon Brothers – boating fanatics from Bay City, Michigan – experimented with epoxy for their boat building projects. Their work sparked a revolution in the world of wooden boat building based on the ability to create bonds that are stronger than wood itself. Further research showed that epoxy was also able to create extremely strong, durable bonds between wood, fibreglass and metal. This makes epoxy a uniquely versatile bonding solution suitable for a wide range of bonding applications, from teak deck and strip plank bonding, to interior joinery, carbon spar bonding and bulkhead bonding. Leading the bonding revolution: WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxies To help boat builders achieve the best results across a wide range of bonding applications, Gougeon Brothers, (GBI) developed the WEST SYSTEM® and PRO-SET® epoxy ranges. West System International (WSI) now manufactures these products under license, in partnership with GBI. Since the 1970s, WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxies have led the industry in terms of bonding strength, fatigue resistance and moisture resistance. The product ranges have been extensively tested, both in the lab and in live trials with high[1]performance boats, demonstrating their superior bonding performance time and time again. WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxies are the clear market leaders in sales worldwide. Leading boat builders that use our products for bonding, sheathing and other key construction processes include Sunseeker, Princess, Enavigo Yachts, Spirit Yachts and more.

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Methylmethacrylate (MMA) adhesives are reactive acrylic adhesives that typically include initiator and resin (or a resin and hardener). At room temperature, they cure quickly, and strength development happens swiftly. When the material has fully cured, a strong thermoplastic with good resistance to shear, peel, and impact stresses has been formed. The majority of MMA adhesives contain rubber, which contributes to their strength.

Most substrate materials, including as metal, magnets, plastic, glass, wood, and composite materials, can be joined using MMA adhesives, and they are tolerable of imperfect surface conditions (such as oil contamination). They frequently replace welding or riveting due to their excellent strength performance, which can provide more material options. They can be used to bond disparate materials together and to enhance the final product’s appearance. A degree of flexibility needed to handle differential thermal expansion and contraction as well as thermal shock is provided by the built-in rubber toughening system.

They are frequently utilized for structural bonding of sophisticated materials in the aerospace, automotive, composites, and transport market sectors. They can also be used to bond magnets for products like electric motors and loudspeakers. On a production line that moves quickly, their quick cure time is ideal, and their strength performance goes above and above what is needed.

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BIGHEAD Fastening solution

Core range simplifies your fastener selection: Male or female fixings are available with small, medium and large Heads, in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel. Installation and assembly guides make it easy to use the right bigHead in the right application.

Benefits of bigHead’s Core range

  • Create secure fastening points with no drilling, punching, clamping or riveting
  • Reliably join mixed materials and thicknesses
  • Single-sided access
  • No witness on the ‘A’ surface
  • Flexible installation and assembly options
  • Installation, assembly and performance guidelines

If you need something different to Core range, you can choose from our Extended range, or even have a special design made.

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