Closed mould process

Raw ingredients (fibers and resin) in closed molding cure inside a two-sided mold or a vacuum bag (shut off from air). The majority of closed-molding methods are utilized in big factories that manufacture large amounts of material because they are typically automated and call for specialized equipment.

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RTM and Vacuum Infusion equipment

Composite manufacturers attempting ‘closed mould’ processing often require a high level of technical assistance to help them through the initial learning curve.

Composite Integration is able to provide practical assistance throughout the closed-mould process from RTM to Resin-Infusion, covering areas such as product design optimisation, materials selection, tooling design, and manufacture (composite and metal), injection and infusion equipment, accessories, installation, monitoring, process control and training.

Our team is able to offer an unparalleled range of skills and experience and is dedicated to helping customers throughout the entire process.

The Ciject® range of injection equipment is widely acknowledged as being the most sophisticated available, and combines award winning design with the highest quality engineering. The range includes a highly innovative range of equipment for delivering mixed resin into infusion processes.

This development is based around the use of in-mould sensors (IMPS) to provide accurate control feed-back and the technique is now used to manufacture some of the largest composite structures in existence.

We recognise the need for high quality and practical training, and the company is able to provide both on-site and in house training to suit the individual client. Composite Integration Ltd is continuing to expand with support from several worldwide partners.

Staff training is a key strategy to ensure all personnel are able to respond to both customer’s needs and continuing developments in the RTM process.

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Vacuum Pumps

A wide range of vacuum pumps and ancillaries for RTM, RTM light and Infusion. Select from a range of vacuum components for supply, connection, control and measurement of vacuum in your process.

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Resin Traps

Resin traps are used to catch excess resin that may enter the vacuum line and damage your equipment.

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RTM testing panels

A range of tooling designed specifically for R&D and laboratory use. Available in various configurations with a range of pressure ratings, temperatures and instrumentation.

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Vacuum Consumables

The consumable utilized in all vacuum bagging procedures for composites, including wet-lay laminate vacuum bagging, vacuum bonding, resin infusion, and prepreg curing, is vacuum bagging film.

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Silicone Spray Equipment

Introducing the SC range of equipment without compromise of quality, reliability or ergonomics.

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Silicone Ancillaries

Composite Integration’s expertise in designing and building world-class processing equipment has enabled us to offer a superb range of mould inserts and ancillary items specifically designed for use in silicone moulds

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